Re-vamp →→→ 12/24/02
In a last stand attempting to revamp and reactivate the anti-princess project, I've changed the catagories, and I'm gonna try propaganda. Because dammit, it's Christmas Break, and I need something to do for the next nine days! Gah.

News & Ideas →→→ 8/26/01
Finally! There's a bit of news and a bit of ideas up now, along with members and music. Recruit! Recruit! Eef! And new member Mickey! Hi Mickey! *smooch*

Anti-Princess StartUp →→→ 8/21/01
Today starts the beginning of a great time in Anti-Princessness. We will no longer have to grovel beneath the opression pushed on us by the self-proclaimed Princesses of the world. My fellow lady compatriots, this is the beginning of a new era!

The three (contributing) editors are Jay, Vee and Ess. If you'd like to become a writer for our pseudo-angsty online 'zine, contact Jay. All contributions are welcome, as long as they're original and non-pornographic. Jokes, ideas, pictures, music, comics, etc. are all crazy-cool.