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September 17, 2005

Partying, another thing I like about Tulane

Well, haven't I just killed this whole entry by summarizing it in the title? Ah well.

Last night I went to see Jared (couchsurfer who stayed with us for two days in New Orleans) in New Haven and have dinner with him and some of his friends. They were going to see 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' afterwards and I just couldn't legitimize spending nine+ dollars on a movie that I knew would be pretty awful. So instead I dropped in on Jeff at Yale.

Walking around, I was totally dismayed by the lack of cool on campus--sure, they have so many a cappella groups you could spit and hit at least two members, but does that really constitute an active social scene? There weren't even any respectable hipsters walking around, which I feel somehow constitute a good signifier that there is some sort of social scene going on. Instead they all looked like they were all dressed to go to work on Casual Friday, with a couple looking like those 20-somethings you see going to expensively lame restaurant/bars on Wednesday nights in their stilettos and sleazy black dresses. Jeff was in his dorm watching a movie with his suitemates and his girlfriend on a Saturday night. While I am not necessarily knocking this, what is going on here?! I miss going out with people to do things, experiencing "nightlife" in a Parisian sense. Sitting with friends in bars and cafes, walking around the city, going to see live music, going to friends' houses, eating dinners out or cooking for guests, driving or biking around to interesting vistas or events.

Last night was damp and misty and it reminded me of New Orleans in a way, but cool and aloof instead of humid and cradling (not the word I'm looking for, but eh). The streets and sidewalks are too perfect, people cross without looking and it is just too well lit.

I feel as though people would be much happier if the lived in places with ambiance and class.

Posted by jay at September 17, 2005 7:09 PM