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September 25, 2005

Pat and Kyle

Last night I was in Brooklyn/Manhattan spending time with Patrick. From Patrick's we went to Manhattan and ended up on St. Marks Place (surprise! surprise!) but had "dinner" at Pomme Frite, which is a place that only serves french fries with about 20 different types of dipping sauce (my choice: curry ketchup; his: roasted garlic mayo) and chopped onions (if you're interested), which was a really fabulous way to have dinner, instead of eating a salad or something at a crummy overpriced joint.
Afterwards we hung out with Kyle Louie in Brooklyn Heights and it was just a really lovely time. We sat out on the roof of the place that he is staying and moved about the house, to a little corner store for snacks and to the Promenade until about four in the morning. I finally got home at five-thirty, a little scared on the highway, as I didn't know if I was going to fall asleep at the wheel or not.

I also "quit" (as best as one can) Bloodroot yesterday. But that's a story that gets me worked up and I don't feel like retelling it for the eighty-billionth time. The last straw was an argument about blanched hazelnuts. :P

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