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October 10, 2005


Dear Carlos,
If you want scene, please, come to Barcelona.

This place is just... I donīt know. Really really beautiful and gorgeous and even the "dirty" streets are gorgeous with tons of really interesting graffiti but this place is so fucking dead. The most active thing that is going on right now is the church that was started back circa 1890. :P All the stores are the same and all the food is Middle Eastern or gelato. Itīs just such a tourist wasteland and the people here are fucking horrible. I canīt stand the people of Barcelona, especially the men who just undress you with their eyes. I donīt mind the relationship that men have with women in New Orleans, but Iīd much rather be told Iīm beautiful and built like a black woman by some drunk guy in a street of New Orleans than asked if I wanted to have a drink with some random guy while Iīm walking down the street, "ŋHables espaņol?" "No." "Do you want to have a drink with me?" Uck, it was just disgusting and tacky and I canīt give it proper emphasis over a fucking blog. Men stand in the streets selling beers from six packs and if you donīt give them the time of day they just make you feel naked and ask you where youīre from, baby. If theyīre not imagining you naked, theyīre making you just feel unwanted--god, I realize Iīm a tourist, but donīt you think Iīm trying? I speak the language, say "please" and "thank you" to a point near excess and I donīt vomit on your streets for crying out loud! And god, hostels. Weīre a bunch of rich spoiled kids pretending we canīt afford to live the life--poor fucking us! Hostel-goers are all nice, but pretty terribly boring, and I fit into this catagory as well, seeing that Iīm participating in the myth. We travel Europe to find self because weīre too damn pampered to have to find ourselves through our own suffering. Itīs just unbelievable--weīre so fucking middle-class itīs offensive. Letīs all booze it up in the hostel bar.

Posted by jay at October 10, 2005 3:37 PM