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November 7, 2005

March on Gretna

Today I walked across the Crescent City Connection, the notorious bridge that the people staying at the Convention Center were refused passage on when trying to evacuate after Hurricane Katrina, in protest of the Gretna Police's refusal of entry into their city by way of intimidation with guns and dogs, so as to preserve the properties of Gretna citizens, their decisions very much upon the race of the people crossing the bridge, and not on the fact that they were desperately seeking food, shelter and clothing, all of which they had been going without for at least four days. It was really incredible; I went with Michael Quintana and it was just good good good. I was interviewed by an AP reporter (I feel more and more like I sounded pretty idiotic, but who knows). And as though today wasn't feel-good enough, I SAT NEXT TO KIM GANDY, PRESIDENT OF NOW ON THE RIDE BACK AND SHE GAVE ME HER BUSINESS CARD. OMFG.

And it's only 4:12 pm. The end. :)

Posted by jay at November 7, 2005 4:07 PM