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December 5, 2005

If only I were ambitious.

Some days I wish I was more ambitious. I secretly entertain the notion that more people read here than actually do, and I also still have some God-complex in which I'm going to save the world, which I am. Anyway.

Here are my suggestions for tomorrow:
Don't be a hypocrite--live up to your idealism.
Recognize your idealism--find your personal truths.
What is wrong is wrong, we shouldn't tolerate it.

If you are a woman, here are some extra suggestions:
-Consider joining the Feminist High Command and starting a chapter in your area.

Things you should prepare to do to become a member of the Feminist High Command:
-Accept your role as High Commander.
-Finding an attractive party dress/suit and/or white gloves. The Feminist High Command accepts all types of semi-formal/formal/business attire as your right to choose and how to represent yourself.
-Find some booze. The Feminist High Command does not support alcoholism, but does support enjoyment, especially the enjoyment of the company of your Sister High Commanders. We also support the straight-edge community and suggest fun and exotic non-alcoholic drinks.
-Find your fellow High Commanders and congregate in public places to show just how righteously fed up you are with the current status quo, and how you just damn refuse to put up with anymore of this nonsense.
-Induct more intelligent, strong, bold and raucous women to join the Feminist High Command.

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Posted by jay at December 5, 2005 11:38 PM