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March 14, 2006


eee!!! kittee (livejournal awesome vegan in new orleans) totally invited me to a potluck!!! omg. i am like, gonna pass out. this makes this day like a million times better. :))))))) oh man, what a nerd, jen leslie.

p.s. tvp=totally vegan potluck and/or textured vegetable protein

Posted by jay at 9:57 PM

March 13, 2006

I hate cars

Ugh. I'm minding my own business as I go biking down Audoban Place, and some fucking douche bag in a SUV screams at me to get off the road. I stopped because I couldn't believe it, and pulled over onto the side of the road where cars park normally to have them go flying by, yelling at me! I hate cars. I hate people who drive cars! Ugh!! aioejfioawjfiwejf. Cars are destroying the world. :P I have admittedly done douche-y things while on my bike that have deserved comment, but I wasn't doing anything when this happened! And she was so fucking rude! I hope she dies in an accident. :P

Posted by jay at 1:07 PM

March 5, 2006


I just feel crappy. I've been getting better for the last few days, but I spent all of my spring break just lying around, with a twenty-four hour headache. About the same time as this has all been going on, I've lost my appetite, my love, for food. I find that after eating, I'm left with this dirty, dissatisfied feeling accompanied by a nagging hunger. If I ever actually get paid, I think I'm going to go buy some ridiculous price-y foods and just enjoy myself.

The only things I find myself thinking I would enjoy are simple grains and dark red fruits, like pomegranates, cherries, raspberries, cranberries, etc. I almost want to fast, just because I can't take this anymore, but I think it might also be brought on by the fact that my appetitte dropped off when I became ill.

Posted by jay at 8:52 PM