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September 20, 2005

The Saints

I saw the Saints play the Giants today at Giants Stadium. They lost, at the time that we left (about six minutes left of the game) they were 10-24 I believe.

There was something about that game, in the way that I was projecting my feelings about New Orleans onto the Saints. If only those little gold bobbing heads could win, then New Orleans could win, too. In my heart of hearts I thought maybe this could make New Orleans better, you know? It could save the city.

Looking at the images from the link I posted earlier, especially the one of the statue of Jesus totally untouched while five 100+ year old live oaks lay fallen around it, I was hoping for some divine symbolism in my wish that the Saints would win. I told Kieran last night (which was a totally incredible experience to hang out with him for various reasons which I will potentially write about/potentially forget about) that I secretly think that New Orleans has some sort of divine Voodoo protecting it from harm. Like all of the spirituality of New Orleans sinks down into its bowl and just keeps people who really love New Orleans safe from harm. Obviously this was not the case this time around, but I feel as though in New Orleans I have the ability to just live in a bubble of happiness, whereas I feel that in other places I have the common everyday experience of taking the good with the bad.

The Giants fans were essentially very good people with few exceptions, especially the ones sitting a row in front of me and to my left. One of the first times I yelled out 'Go Saints!' one of the Giants fans looked at me weirdly and I just yelled out, 'I'm a refugee!' He told his brother at some point and so later his brother turns around to me and shakes my hand and says that he hopes the best for us and his prayers are with us and that it will all be ok and that it is awesome that I am returning back to New Orleans. He was obviously drunk, but it was just really nice and made up for a lot of the stupidity I deal with from people in the Northeasters on a regular basis. I laughed because I didn't know what else to do.

They passed around a huge bucket for the Red Cross and even though I hate the Red Cross and have continued to hear bad things about them I gave the four bucks I had left in my wallet, two of which were singles, the other my lucky two dollar bill. I don't think it's really that lucky, but I've always kept it around for the last couple of years. You know, I want to believe in something; if my lucky two dollar bill is even remotely lucky I want to give it away.

I think I was close to tears at various points, especially after Harry Connick Jr. sang and Curtis Mayfield both performed and I was crushed. I want New Orleans back now.

Posted by jay at September 20, 2005 1:27 AM