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September 20, 2005

What I really like.

Here is what I really like:
Talking to people. Sometimes it is hard, sometimes it is easy, all of the time I think it is very insightful. I think if everyone just talked to more people (and more importantly, listened to the people they talked to), we would all be not just better people, but we would be wiser as well.

I have been a bad person most of my life and I am trying to actively be better. One example of such badness is that I am very mean to people who attend community college. What is good though is that I've met a lot of people who are community college students and I've finally realized that some of the most interesting and insightful people I've met are community college students.

Fairfield ruined my idea of what community college is (a.k.a. hell), but talking to people who attend community college has lend me to understand that people who attend CCs are really lovely human beings who are very smart, and if not very smart, very worldly. Going to CC is, I think, a sign that people are interested in learning, but have more important things to attend to, like life. Whether they are being held back, financially, by family, location or something else, or if they are trying to fit a higher education into their current life, I think that is a good signifier that they are really good people.

I've begun to realize that in many cases going to a fancy-schmancy school is a bad idea--people aren't there for all the personal right reasons as CC students are. For example, I am at a F-S school because I didn't see any other options and felt like it was the right thing to do. Now, in limbo-retrospect, I don't think it was the right thing to do and I am probably wasting my time. I think it is expected of me to some degree, and I wouldn't be truly accepted by the middle-class and white contingency if I didn't go to a F-S school. This, I think, is lame and mediocre. I think it is even more lame and mediocre that I participate in this event, if for acceptance or otherwise, although I do feel that school in general is a good idea. F-S schools aren't a total waste, they are just a lot of waste. The end.

Posted by jay at September 20, 2005 6:42 PM